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TJD Energy Services, LLC was founded in 2013 by Tanner Dufrene. A welder by trade, Tanner saw the need in the gas and oil industry for quality work performed to high standards while maintaining safety standards. Tanner took the opportunity to fill the void. With an original workforce consisting of 20 employees, including Tanner, his personal investment, an office in the basement of his home, and one customer, TJD Energy Services, LLC began. With focus on providing quality service and putting the customer first, Tanner developed a strong reputation in the oil and gas industry. Able to structure the business to weather the down turns the industry faces, TJD Energy Services, LLC was able to continue its trend of growth when many others in the industry were closing their doors. Today, sales have grown exponentially in five years. TJD Energy Services, LLC employees over 100 employees, with a focus on a local workforce. Customer base has grown to 9 customers allowing for diversification in a tightly controlled industry.

TJD Energy Services, LLC services the oil and gas industry in the Appalachia region. With the Marcellus Shale being the largest natural gas field in the United States, TJD Energy Services, LLC focuses on having the regional expertise to perform at the level needed in the market. We operate in West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, core areas of the Marcellus Shale.

TJD Energy Services, LLC strives to provide services that exceed the client's expectations. Services provided consist of:

  • Compressor Site Construction
  • Well Hookups
  • Fabrication of launchers, DeHy Systems, and Met Skid
  • General Wellsite Services
  • Professional Roustabout Services
  • Structural and Pipe Fabrication
As an extension of services, TJD Energy Services, LLC has also diversified into other areas to provide sustainability through the fluctuations of the oil and gas industry. These areas are:
  • Hot Shot Services – providing all areas of Oilfield Trucking
  • Crane Services
  • Hydro Testing/BOP Services

2000 Park Pl Dr, Suite 215
Washington, PA 15301